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Welcome to Velo Protocol's documentation site. Here will help you get up to speed with Velo Protocol, from basic concepts to how to interact with Velo Protocol. No matter you are a developer, a trusted partner, or a blockchain enthusiast, you can learn how's Velo Protocol works here.

What is Velo Protocol?

The Velo Protocol allows Trusted Partners to issue and manage digital credits used for financial services. Through a series of smart contracts, the value of these digital credits is stabilized and backed up by fiat currencies. The smart contracts are deployed on Evrynet that forks from Ethereum, and we add the characteristics of enterprise on it .For example , Evrynet makes Trusted Partners to transfer or issue digital currencies without the consumption of gas,and then Evrynet uses the BFT and PoS consensus that can ensure the characteristics of enterprise and security,also make Evrynet`s tps more efficient than Ethereum, so Velo choose to use Evrynet instead of Ethereum,and Evrynet is an enterprise blockchain system built to support financial services.All digital credits are fully collateralized 1 to 1 by the VELO token. Velo tokens as well all digital credits are issued on the Stellar blockchain network. All settlement for these assets occurs on Stellar as well. Future releases intend to support additional collateralization options. VELO tokens and the digital credits are ordinary Stellar assets, subject to all the rules and semantics of all Stellar assets. Stellar’s platform provides the core layer 1 asset capabilities of transparent ledger accounting, fast/efficient settlement and high transactional throughput. Velo pairs Stellar together with Evrynet’s smart contract capabilities to provide formula based transaction processing, custom asset staking, collateralization level calculation and other advanced features. Velo’s smart contracts implemented on decentralized networks create a reliable, transparent and intelligent financial service platform. The Velo Protocol utilizes “Warp”, a cross-chain protocol, co-developed with Evrynet, to provide a bridge between two different blockchains. It connects Stellar, designed for real-time, reliable digital assets movement and Velo’s Smart Contract Chain, which provides the ability to deploy and execute smart contracts. These components are used to build the Digital Reserve System which stabilizes the value of VELO and its digital credits.

To issue a price-stable credit in Velo protocol, the trusted partner must have VELO token available in their account. In the Testnet phase, VELO is obtainable via faucet. In Mainnet, VELO is obtainable via one of the following channels:

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