Using CLI

Trying out Velo protocol with CLI

To use CLI

Velo does not keep your account on the server. The account record only exists on your computer.

If you have completed the complete walkthrough section then you will not need to do any set up here. If not, please follow the instruction in complete walkthrough

Unlike in SDK, CLI will submit all your operations to Evrynet (when required). This is possible since the CLI has access to your secret key which is encrypted using your passphrase in your local storage.

Aside from commands to do with stable credits, we have additional commands for account operations.

Create an account

gvel account create

This command creates an account on Evrynet Testnet, fund the created account with 10,000 XLM and stores the credentials in local storage that was set up using gvel init.

Import an account

gvel account import

Import an existing account to gvel. The account should already exists in Evrynet Testnet chain. The account is added to gvel locally. The command will ask for your secret key.

Assign default account

gvel account default

Set an account in gvel as a default account for executing other commands. The account is added using public key.

List all accounts in gvel

gvel account list

List all accounts in local storage. This command shows all accounts regardless whether they are added via creation or import. Only the public keys are shown.

Export credentials from gvel

gvel account export

Output account public and private key pair to the command line. In order to do so, you will be asked to input your passphrase to decrypt the key pair.

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